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Training and Development

Customized executive leadership training results in better worker performance, protections against legal claims, and an improved company reputation.

Training and Development

Investing in employee training and development is a critical element of business strategy. As a partner to small and mid-sized business owners and managers, Axcet HR Solutions provides customized leadership training and training focused on employees. The result for employers is better worker performance, protections against legal claims, and an improved company reputation.

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Customized leadership training solutions

As essential as it is for your small or mid-sized business to leverage its strengths, it is equally important for you to address weaker areas that may affect culture, recruiting and customer service. Making corporate leadership training programs an ongoing part of your business processes creates a mindset of continuous improvement that helps you and your managers recognize areas that need to be strengthened – and boosts your competitive position with employees, customers and prospects.

While smaller businesses often understand the value of performance management and culture-related leadership training, few have the time or expertise to develop and conduct it on their own.

Partnering with Axcet HR Solutions gives your small company access to customized, highly applicable training developed and delivered by HR experts who draw on lessons learned from helping employers handle hundreds of employee relations situations.

Axcet will work with your company to pinpoint specific needs within your organization and create leadership training programs that help managers and supervisors correctly and effectively:

The result of Axcet HR Solutions’ customized executive leadership training is better worker performance, protection against legal claims, and an improved company reputation.

Leadership development and coaching

Whether leaders are born or made is an age-old question. Regardless of the answer, even “born leaders” have had to learn certain skills along the way to increase their effectiveness at leading other people.

Your company’s leaders have enormous impact on how successfully your organization operates. When you empower them to grow in key areas, you are improving their ability to get the best from the teams they manage and to achieve other company goals. Leadership development and coaching are a strategic investment that solves organizational challenges.

Through its leadership training for managers, Axcet HR Solutions’ team works one-on-one with business owners and other company executives to build individualized skills. As needed, Axcet also can help your company’s senior managers deal with tough workplace challenges – for example, how to nail down and address issues that may be driving low employee morale or how to make improvements when a supervisor has a group of employees that doesn’t like working with him or her.

Axcet’s leadership training serves as a focused, objective and nonjudgmental resource that looks out for your company’s best interests while giving you fresh perspectives into workplace situations. The investment in your leaders helps you drive revenue and ensure that employees view your business as a good place to work.

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Compliance training

Creating a respectful workplace and preventing harassment.

Harassment and discrimination have been hot buttons in the workplace for years. More recently, societal issues have focused even greater attention on these issues, which means companies are at greater risk than ever if they fail to comply with laws that provide broad protections for workers.

The goal is to create a respectful workplace. At the top level, company policies should prohibit harassment, discrimination and bullying, but it’s not enough to simply hand employees a list of the rules they’re supposed to follow. Workers who join your company come with differing experiences and expectations. Just because one of them doesn’t find a certain behavior offensive doesn’t mean everyone else will feel the same way. Unless all of your workers have a clear understanding of the behaviors that are inappropriate and illegal, they may unintentionally put your company at risk for legal claims. Compliance needs to be baked into your culture. Training is an important step to make sure it is.

To help your team members understand and follow the organization’s policies in their day-to-day work, Axcet HR Solutions delivers team-building and harassment training that communicates your expectations and teaches employees about what behaviors are and are not acceptable in the workplace and how to work together productively. Besides training geared toward workers, Axcet provides harassment-related training that clarifies for managers the additional responsibilities they have to lead by example and to address complaints head-on if they arise.

Interpersonal skills training

Bring any group of people together, and there’s bound to be conflict, at least occasionally. The workplace, where performance pressures and deadlines can heighten the pressure, is fraught with opportunities for employees to have differences of opinion. And, when discords arise, the result is the opposite of what your company is trying to achieve. Productivity and morale suffer and, ultimately, your bottom line may take a hit.

Axcet HR Solutions’ interpersonal skills training helps build bridges of communication between colleagues, supervisors and subordinates, and leadership team members. You may choose to provide proactive training – before clashes emerge – to help employees learn how to constructively give and receive feedback and communicate clearly and productively.

You also might choose to have Axcet conduct training that responds to existing challenges triggered by any number of circumstances, including ongoing grievances employees express about someone else in the company or a high number of complaints the company has received from customers. Axcet evaluates the core issues of the problem with leadership to identify the best training program to address the concern, and then develops solutions customized to the need and to your company.

PEO Services Help Small Companies Thrive

PEOs like Axcet HR Solutions exist for one reason: to manage essential HR tasks on behalf of small and mid-sized businesses. A PEO’s services save small business owners money and worry by delivering expert human resources, compliance with employment regulations and time to refocus on business growth.

Leadership development and coaching are a strategic investment that solves organizational challenges.

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We are small, and as such, rarely in the eye of a payroll services company. Axcet works with our multiple entities. I want to focus on our business, and they focus on HR for me. Because we are small, I really don't want to have a 'personal' disagreement about PTO or vacation pay, so I set the guidelines, and Axcet manages them, which I love.

Felisha M.

Owner, Insurance Firm

We really appreciate the work you are doing for our tradeshow and exhibit display company. The fun part is we get at least an email a day, phone calls every day, and we see the commercials on tv for something that you have taken care of for us last year. (And, of course, it is in the capable IRS hands now.)

Thanks for making this so easy for us.

Don J.

Owner, B2B Tradeshow & Exhibit Company

Turning our admin, payroll, benefits, 401K, workers' compensation, etc., over to Axcet HR has been one of the best decisions that we've ever made: that was back in 2001! We've had 21 great years with Axcet and hope to have 21 more! Axcet has saved us time and LOTS of money but most of all, Axcet HR has allowed us to focus on running our business...because we know, day in, and day out that Axcet has our back!

Bob G.

Owner, B2B Services Company

As a start-up, Axcet's HR solutions have been an integral partner in guiding us through several key business necessities and requirements. They have been very helpful in core functions including recruiting, 401k setup, employee onboarding, benefits enrollment, payroll and various compliance training for our employees. We've gained business momentum as a result of Axcet's team of dedicated professionals.

Andrew C.

Chief Growth Officer, Technology Company

Axcet has helped us find affordable benefits for our 15 employees. Being a small firm, it was hard to find various health insurance options. It is nice knowing that we have someone with HR knowledge. It is good to get another persons opinion when we are having employee issues.

Michelle W.

Controller, Engineering Firm

Axcet's professionalism and knowledge is a definite asset for our company. They have saved me so many hours in Payroll, HR, Benefits and Workers Comp. There is no way for me to keep up on Human Resources! I praise their staff highly! ...Axcet KNOWS Customer Service!

Anna H.

Owner, Car Dealership

Axcet has been so helpful and professional in answering questions that I have for payroll processing. My payroll administrator is so prompt in replying to emails. He is really easy to work with and is so knowledgeable. Our Human Resources Consultant is professional and personable. I have great confidence in Axcet and have never hesitated in contacting them for questions or clarification.

Mandy C.

Non-Profit Ministry

Axcet HR has help lesson our burden in all aspects of payroll, HR, safety and our 401K. When an employee comes to one of us with a situation. All we do is point them to our Axcet administrator and or payroll administrator and the issue gets resolved. It has been a great relationship.

Rick B.

Electrical Services Company

I burned through a couple of "payroll companies" before I found Axcet. I have yet to encounter anyone at this company that hasn't been friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. Calls are returned amazingly fast and problems are solved without having to make any other calls. This is truly a great company and stellar business partner!

Nita C.

Owner, Medical Industry Company

With all the changing rules and regulations we face as employers, I was always afraid of a "Gotcha!" moment. We've been with Axcet over 10 years now and I sleep well at night knowing all our HR is done right. They make it all so easy. Our payroll is accurate, we are legal and OSHA compliant in every area, and my employees love their benefits. Our team at Axcet is more than just a good vendor, they are a great partner!

Bruce H.

Founder & CEO, Services Company

My faith in Axcet's expertise has always been off the charts. It has been so nice to just be able to pick up the phone and ask questions. Simple to complex ... they can do all of it! Axcet has allowed us to offer an extensive benefits package to our Teammates which has been an added bonus. Axcet is not only part of our Team but we consider them part of our Family! We are one of Axcet's many fans. No regrets since day one and we wouldn't change a thing!

Moira V.

Small Business Owner

Axcet handles all of payroll, HR and benefits needs. As a non-profit, it's great to have Axcet as a partner to provide all of the employee benefits and HR support that I need so our staff can focus on the core mission of our organization! They have helped me with hiring, navigating benefits enrollment to get our employees the best rates possible, as well as navigating possible employee related tax credits. I love our Axcet team!

Emily D.

CEO, a Kansas City Non-profit

We had tried two other PEOs. Both of which we left after the first year. The level of service that we were accustomed to with Axcet was not there, so we came back to Axcet truly because of the excellent service we always received. Everyone at Axcet would make us feel like we were their only client, like they were sitting there waiting for our call, always friendly and ready to help. 

Lisa C.

VP of Finance, Kansas City Financial Institution

We started working with Axcet in 2018 and they have dramatically increased our internal productivity. We used to spend hours on payroll, HR, benefits, taxes, etc. each week and that is no longer the case. Prior to Axcet, we worked with two other payroll companies and is was a complete mess. Working with Axcet is like having a robust and efficient internal HR department. They have solutions to every problem and we no longer feel lost trying to navigate the payroll landscape. If you want to streamline your business and get out of the HR and payroll weeds, then go with Axcet.

Peyton W.

Owner, Recruitment Firm

Thank you Axcet HR for your assistance with the employee issue. You justified every penny we pay to Axcet through this exercise. I am really glad we have you and Axcet as a resource. It gave me peace of mind, knowing that you would know how to handle these situations the correct way. I really appreciate all the effort put into this to help me stay on course and protect our company.

Mark S.

President, B2B Company
Sherri Senior Human Resources Consultant at Axcet HR, Kansas City

Job Ads, Resumés, Onboarding, Oh My!

As a full service professional employer organization (PEO), we provide comprehensive HR support and administration to help your business succeed.

The cost of a bad hire can be significant, often reaching as much as 30% of their salary. By relying on our HR experts, you can save your business thousands of dollars and avoid the costly mistakes that can come with an uninformed hiring process.

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