Training and Development

Customized executive leadership training results in better worker performance, protections against legal claims, and an improved company reputation.

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The result of Axcet HR Solutions’ customized executive leadership training is better worker performance, protections against legal claims and an improved company reputation.

Training and Development

Investing in employee training and development is a critical element of business strategy. As a partner to small and-mid-sized business owners and managers, Axcet HR Solutions provides customized leadership training and training focused on employees. The result for employers is better worker performance, protections against legal claims and an improved company reputation.


Customized leadership training solutions

As essential as it is for your small or mid-sized business to leverage its strengths, it is equally important for you to address weaker areas that may affect culture, recruiting and customer service. Making corporate leadership training programs an ongoing part of your business processes creates a mindset of continuous improvement that helps you and your managers recognize areas that need to be strengthened – and boosts your competitive position with employees, customers and prospects.

While smaller businesses often understand the value of performance management and culture-related leadership training, few have the time or expertise to develop and conduct it on their own.

Partnering with Axcet HR Solutions gives your small company access to customized, highly applicable training developed and delivered by HR experts who draw on lessons learned from helping employers handle hundreds of employee relations situations.

Axcet will work with your company to pinpoint specific needs within your organization and create leadership training programs that help managers and supervisors correctly and effectively:


Leadership development and coaching

Whether leaders are born or made is an age-old question. Regardless of the answer, even “born leaders” have had to learn certain skills along the way to increase their effectiveness at leading other people.

Your company’s leaders have enormous impact on how successfully your organization operates. When you empower them to grow in key areas, you are improving their ability to get the best from the teams they manage and to achieve other company goals. Leadership development and coaching are a strategic investment that solves organizational challenges.

Through its leadership training for managers, Axcet HR Solutions’ team works one-on-one with business owners and other company executives to build individualized skills. As needed, Axcet also can help your company’s senior managers deal with tough workplace challenges – for example, how to nail down and address issues that may be driving low employee morale or how to make improvements when a supervisor has a group of employees that doesn’t like working with him or her.

Axcet’s leadership training serves as a focused, objective and nonjudgmental resource that looks out for your company’s best interests while giving you fresh perspectives into workplace situations. The investment in your leaders helps you drive revenue and ensure that employees view your business as a good place to work.


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Compliance training

Creating a respectful workplace and prevent harassment.

Harassment and discrimination have been hot buttons in the workplace for years. More recently, societal issues have focused even greater attention on these issues, which means companies are at greater risk than ever if they fail to comply with laws that provide broad protections for workers.

The goal is to create a respectful workplace. At the top level, company policies should prohibit harassment, discrimination and bullying, but it’s not enough to simply hand employees a list of the rules they’re supposed to follow. Workers who join your company come with differing experiences and expectations. Just because one of them doesn’t find a certain behavior offensive doesn’t mean everyone else will feel the same way. Unless all of your workers have a clear understanding of the behaviors that are inappropriate and illegal, they may unintentionally put your company at risk for legal claims. Compliance needs to be baked into your culture. Training is an important step to make sure it is.

To help your team members understand and follow the organization’s policies in their day-to-day work, Axcet HR Solutions delivers team-building and harassment training that communicates your expectations and teaches employees about what behaviors are and are not acceptable in the workplace and how to work together productively. Besides training geared toward workers, Axcet provides harassment-related training that clarifies for managers the additional responsibilities they have to lead by example and to address complaints head-on if they arise.


Interpersonal skills training

Bring any group of people together, and there’s bound to be conflict, at least occasionally. The workplace, where performance pressures and deadlines can heighten the pressure, is fraught with opportunity for employees to have differences of opinions. And, when discords arise, the result is the opposite of what your company is trying to achieve. Productivity and morale suffer and, ultimately, your bottom line may take a hit.

Axcet HR Solutions’ interpersonal skills training helps build bridges of communication between colleagues, supervisors and subordinates and leadership team members. You may choose to provide proactive training – before clashes emerge – to help employees learn how to constructively give and receive feedback and communicate clearly and productively.

You also might choose to have Axcet conduct training that responds to existing challenges triggered by any number of circumstances, including ongoing grievances employees express about someone else in the company or a high number of complaints the company has received from customers. Axcet evaluates the core issues of the problem with leadership to identify the best training program to address the concern, and then develops solutions customized to the need and to your company.

Leadership development and coaching are a strategic investment that solves organizational challenges.

Sherri Senior Human Resources Consultant at Axcet HR, Kansas City

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