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Paychecks, regulations, taxes, oh my! We’re pretty sure you didn’t start your business to run payroll. Yet it’s a necessary – mission critical – component. Our payroll experts take the time, effort, and worry out of keeping payroll flowing, so you can focus on growing your local Kansas City business

Our Approach to Payroll in Kansas City


Very few things in the business world are as personal as a person’s compensation. You are assigned a dedicated payroll administrator who values you, your business and your employees. Your Axcet Payroll Administrator is committed to working with you to ensure your payroll is right and on time.


Nothing is more important than the security and privacy of your information Our system is actively monitored to protect against data breaches and cyberattacks. Strict password rules and expiration requirements safeguard against unauthorized access. We believe in redundancy, back-ups and on-premise storage. And should something happen that we’re unable to be onsite, we have an auxiliary location to guarantee uninterrupted payroll services. Period.

Easy Access

Our Instant Axcet Employee Portal makes it simple for employees to view and download important HR and payroll-related information all by themselves—any time, from any device. From the login page, employees can retrieve a forgotten username or password, and select between English and Spanish, providing a seamless experience for all employees.


We’re proud to say we meet you where you are with our payroll services. Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly payroll – whatever works best for you. Reports? Sure, no problem. Multi-state payroll? Got it. Accurate payroll is key to keeping your business and team running smoothly, and having the control and flexibility you need, ensures not only can you be accurate, but that payroll works the way you want it to.

Payroll Services

HSA hand holding money coin

Payroll Administration

Dedicated payroll administrator to answer employee questions

Online payroll entry and approval

Online employee  portal

Online onboarding for employees

Child support, garnishment and wage assignment administration

General ledger payroll interface

Job costing and labor distribution

Access to online reports and report builder

Paid time off (vacation, sick, personal) maintenance and management options

Professionally printed paychecks & vouchers

Direct deposit into multiple accounts

Paycard option

Reconciliation of payroll checks

Customized payroll delivery options

Certified payroll processing and reports

Preparation and distribution of W-2 forms with online option

Preparation and distribution of 1095-Cs as required

Responses to employment & wage verification requests

Time and attendance interface capabilities

Integrated time and attendance solution (additional cost)

Assistance with implementation of payroll best practices

open enrollment paper and pen

Tax Administration

File 940 and 941 forms

File state withholding tax returns

File state unemployment tax returns

Deposit federal and state withholding tax liabilities

Deposit federal and state unemployment taxes

Deposit other state and local tax obligations

Transmit W-3 to Social Security Administration


Payroll Compliance

Guidance on legally compliant pay practices

Compliance assistance with FLSA

New hire reporting administration and liability

Employee file maintenance

Assistance with audits


Payroll Expertise You Can Use Now

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"I know you all have been keeping up with the legal and system changes, educating your teams (including me!), and helping our clients in various ways through this chaotic time. I can’t imagine how difficult it would’ve been for us to keep up with all the COVID-19 payroll changes and provisions without Axcet."

Theresa C. 

Kansas City, Missouri

"I want to thank you again for so quickly compiling and sending us the payroll reports we needed in order to submit our PPP loan application. We were able to submit our application with the supporting payroll reports as soon as the SBA loan website opened, and our PPP loan has been approved. Your help in this process is very much appreciated!"

Mary H.

Overland Park, Kansas
Jo McClure, Payroll and Administration Specialist at Axcet HR Solutions, Kansas City

Payroll Frustrations? We Can Help.

You can count on your payroll and state and federal taxes to be done correctly, on time, and to your specifications every time.  Our team of experienced payroll administrators will take this worry off of your desk. Discover the difference today.

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