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We are the human resources solution you need. The expert help you want. And the provider of employee benefits you can’t get anywhere else.

HR Services and Expertise to Help Your Business Grow

Axcet HR Solutions team providing full-service outsourced human resources

Proud to be Kansas City's PEO since 1988.

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As a partner to small and mid-sized businesses in the Kansas City area for more than 30 years, Axcet HR Solutions has helped hundreds of businesses like yours thrive and grow.

Axcet, a Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO), supports small and mid-sized business owners and their employees with comprehensive outsourced human resources, payroll administration, risk management services, and employee benefits. We know how hard it is to run a small business, and we’re here to help.

Why Small Businesses Need HR

Our full-service HR solutions help small and medium-sized businesses in Kansas and Missouri thrive and grow. For more than 30 years, business owners in the Kansas City metro have trusted our highly credentialed PEO team of HR, group employee benefits, payroll, and risk management experts to handle all of their HR needs — and we have delivered.

Axcet HR Solutions is the only local Kansas City professional employer organization (PEO) to earn the designation Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO) by the IRS. Our comprehensive PEO services includes outsourced human resources, payroll, risk management and comprehensive group employee benefits plans.   

PEO Services For Small Businesses

We know HR, but more importantly, we know the invaluable role it plays in making a business grow.  We also know that, all too often, it’s set to the side to focus on more pressing needs, like the big sale or the customer needing attention.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hand off those HR duties to someone you can trust?

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Your Business Needs a Professional Employer Organization.

Here's why you need a PEO...

Let’s face it. When it comes to managing your human resources, benefits renewals, payroll, risk management, compliance – and on and on – you have many choices. Building the expertise you need in-house or using a variety of outsourced services can be expensive and a lot to manage. Why should you consider a PEO instead?

Our full suite of HR solutions has positioned hundreds of Kansas and Missouri business owners, just like you, for success.

  • Much faster business growth. Over the past 15 years, employment at small businesses that use PEOs to provide HR management services has grown between 7% and 9% faster than at small businesses overall.
  • Happier employees with lower turnover. Small businesses that have used PEOs for at least four quarters have experienced employee turnover at rates 10% to 14% lower than the average rate for U.S. businesses.
  • Greater stability and longevity. Privately held businesses that use PEOs are approximately 50% less likely to fail (permanently cease operations) when compared to similar U.S. companies.

Axcet HR Can Help Solve Your Business Needs

Why Small Businesses Need HR

Small and mid-sized companies face unique challenges – chief among them that owners tend to get pulled in a dozen directions at once, often having to manage aspects of the business that don’t line up with their passions or their expertise. Frequently, one of these areas is human resources.

Small and mid-sized businesses – even those with only a handful of employees – need solid HR strategies to recruit and retain top employees, create a great culture while effectively dealing with performance management issues, comply with complex employment and workplace safety laws, handle payroll accurately and offer competitive benefits.

That’s a lot of expertise to ask of a small HR department or of a business owner who has neither the background nor the time to manage human resources effectively. Axcet steps into that gap to ably provide outsourced HR services to smaller Kansas and Missouri companies.

What is HR Outsourcing?

Outsourcing your company’s human resources functions simply means making an agreement with an HR consulting firm like Axcet, which then provides human resources services according to your company’s needs and goals. You may choose to outsource all or just the most time-consuming and complex of your organization’s HR tasks. As a PEO that offers complete HR solutions, Axcet gives clients the flexibility to choose which services they want to outsource.

How Does Outsourced HR Benefit Your Company?

Because strong HR strategies are fundamental to every business, it’s almost impossible for smaller companies to grow and thrive if their human resources are inconsistent or chaotic. HR issues then become a distraction both to company leaders and to employees. Outsourcing HR allows small and medium-sized businesses to double down on their strengths, leaving human resources responsibilities to the trusted outsource partner.

Among other advantages, outsourcing HR to Axcet:

  • Saves money, giving your company affordable access to comprehensive HR services without requiring you to make a significant investment in building or expanding an in-house HR department.
  • Takes the weight off with repetitive, tedious, and complicated HR tasks off your shoulders, allowing you to return your focus to income-generating activities.
  • Leverages the skills of experienced pros whose sole focus is human resources. At Axcet, these professionals hold key certifications that prove their proficiency in providing you with smart, accurate HR recommendations.

HR Experts in Kansas City

Gives you access to HR experts that handle your health plan legwork. Axcet evaluates health insurance providers, helps you choose options that fit your budget and employees’ needs, and administers the health plan for you.

Eliminates HR-related legal and compliance risk. Consistent with regulatory rules and deadlines, your HR consulting firm partner will prepare reports, distribute required information, file payroll taxes accurately and handle other compliance obligations.

HR Specialists in Kansas City

Puts HR specialists at your disposal when you encounter issues that require specific expertise.

Reduces your risk of lawsuits or penalties. As a PEO HR solutions provider, Axcet tracks constantly changing laws – at the federal, state, county, and local levels, wherever your company does business – and makes sure your company is following current requirements.

What HR Services Can We Provide for Your Company?

Axcet’s full-service HR solutions help small and medium-sized businesses in Kansas and Missouri thrive and grow. For more than 30 years, business owners in the Kansas City metro have trusted our highly credentialed PEO team of HR, group employee benefits, payroll, and risk management experts to handle their HR needs – and we have delivered.

Axcet HR Solutions is the only local Kansas City professional employer organization to have earned the IRS Certified Professional Employer Organization(CPEO) designation.

What can Axcet HR Solutions do for your business?

PEO Services for Small Businesses

We know human resources but, more importantly, we know the invaluable role HR plays in making a business grow. We also know that, all too often, HR gets set aside in favor of more pressing needs, like the big sales presentation or the customer who needs attention.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to hand off those HR duties to someone you can trust?

Lacey Kansas City Human Resources Consultant at Axcet HR Solutions

HR Blues? Let's Talk.

Our veteran team of SHRM-certified human resources consultants and our access to employment law attorneys provide your business with unparalleled HR expertise. Add Axcet's HR team to your bench so you can get back to what matters. Reach out today.

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"I know you all have been keeping up with the legal and system changes, educating your teams (including me!), and helping your clients in various ways through this chaotic time. I can’t imagine how difficult it would’ve been for us to keep up with all the COVID-19 payroll changes and provisions without Axcet."

Theresa C. 

Kansas City, Missouri

"I want to thank you again for so quickly compiling and sending us the payroll reports we needed in order to submit our PPP loan application. We were able to submit our application with the supporting payroll reports as soon as the SBA loan website opened, and our PPP loan has been approved. Your help in this process is very much appreciated!"

Mary H.

Overland Park, Kansas

"I really do like the applicant tracking system. The system makes it easy for me to track multiple applicants for multiple postings, from application to hire. It reduces the administrative burden on our hiring managers and human resources staff immensely."

Brennan C.

Kansas City, Kansas

"We have been utilizing the applicant tracking system about two weeks now. It’s a great tool for HR / Recruiting professionals. It's very user friendly and easy to understand. The electronic signatures are the best when sending offer letters. It is very simple to track any candidate you have in the interview process. I look forward to seeing what updates come next month! Thank you for keeping in contact step by step."

Yvonne W.

North Kansas City, Missouri

"I received your message about the error in  our employee's dependent insurance coverage. It was a relatively small amount, so I figured it would be simpler to approve the payroll in a timely fashion and discuss it later. I appreciate that Axcet discovered the error and took the proper course of action. This is a major reason why we use Axcet and talk positively about your services."

Thomas O.

Mission, Kansas

"Axcet does a great job assisting us with our payroll and PTO and handling our benefits. They work well with our team and are a good partner."

Misty P. | Garnett, Kansas


"We've used Axcet for many years and have always been pleased with their services. We use them for our payroll, benefits and HR support. The staff is "top notch!" Axcet offers great training and support in areas of HR, compliance, and payroll."

Gloria R. | Lenexa, Kansas


"Axcet does a great job explaining benefits and costs. Employees I have come into contact with are professional and easy to work with."

Steve S. | Gladstone, Missouri

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