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Why Axcet:

Expert PEO Solutions

Let’s face it. When it comes to managing HR, you have choices. So, why choose Axcet’s PEO solutions?

At Axcet, we believe in building trust, fostering strong relationships and dedicating ourselves to our clients’ success.

Our role as a PEO solution provider isn’t just about offering HR services, but about being a partner you can rely on. 

We’re at our best when we’re working alongside you, helping your business grow with our tailored PEO solutions.

If Axcet sounds like the kind of PEO partner you’re looking for, let’s talk.

The Axcet Advantage:

Why Choose Us

Discover the unique benefits of partnering with Axcet: A blend of local commitment, unparalleled expertise and tailored PEO solutions that drive small and mid-sized business success and employee satisfaction.

  • Locally-committed, personalized service
  • 35-years in business
  • Customizable health benefit solutions
  • Privately-held, single-ownership agility
  • Flexible, tailored PEO solutions
  • Long-term relationship focus
  • Certified HR consultants, payroll administrators and safety team
  • Direct access to PEO solutions providers
  • Trustworthy, compliant and reliable: IRS-certified PEO
  • Excellence in safety: OSHA VPP Star Site since 2010
  • Experienced team with decade-long average tenure
  • Efficient, same-day ACH processing
  • Transparent, no-extra-fee pricing
  • Competitive health and workers’ comp rates
  • Award-winning culture: Kansas City Business Journal Best Places to Work nominee
  • ClearlyRated Best of HR Services award recipient
  • High client satisfaction: ClearlyRated Net Promoter® Score of 85.8%

Commitment to our local community:
Learn about our corporate philanthropy »

The HR Help Small Businesses Need.

The Accelerator Mid-Sized Businesses Want.

Samantha - Certified PEO in Kansas City - Axcet HR Solutions

The Axcet Advantage for Every Size Business

Unmatched expertise, powerful buying power and streamlined efficiencies tailored to empower businesses of every size.


Axcet distinguishes itself with a team of certified payroll professionals and HR consultants accredited by HRCI and/or SHRM, ensuring top-tier expertise in every interaction.

It doesn’t stop there, our PEO solutions safety team is top-notch and ensures Axcet exemplifies excellence in safety and health management with individual certifications, as well as company-wide recognition, including being honored as an OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star site since 2010.

As a local, Kansas City PEO, our deep knowledge of local and upcoming laws, combined with our proficiency in managing multi-state payroll and workers' compensation, demonstrates our commitment to operational excellence, benefiting businesses of all sizes.

At Axcet, our workplace standards consistently outperform national averages.

Buying Power

Axcet transforms the way businesses approach group health insurance. By leveraging the combined strength of a larger employee pool, our PEO solutions ensure significant savings on insurance premiums, traditionally available only to mega-corporations.

This approach exemplifies the power of a PEO in leveling the playing field, in both healthcare and workers’ comp insurance rates.


Axcet’s PEO solutions offer universal efficiencies that streamline operations, reduce administrative burdens and enhance overall business performance. These efficiencies are realized through industry-leading HR technology, which simplifies processes like applicant tracking, employee onboarding and payroll management.

Additionally, our expert team provides guidance on compliance, safety regulations and tax issues, ensuring that businesses stay ahead of potential challenges. This holistic approach to efficiency is a cornerstone of the Axcet’s PEO solution, delivering value and peace of mind to all our clients.

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in Kansas City

Tailored Solutions for Small Businesses

Empowering small businesses with customized PEO solutions that enhance growth, provide powerful buying leverage and streamline operations for success.


For small businesses, Axcet's PEO solutions approach is personalized and comprehensive. We recognize the unique challenges you face, from wearing multiple hats to navigating the complexities of HR management.

Our team steps in to offer guidance and support in areas like payroll, risk management and employee benefits, allowing you to focus on growth and innovation.

With Axcet, small businesses gain not just a PEO solutions provider, but a strategic partner invested in their success.

Buying Power

Small businesses with a workforce of 10-30 face challenges in negotiating affordable health benefit rates. Axcet's PEO solutions provide a strategic edge. By integrating your business into our larger group plan, Axcet enhances your bargaining strength, aligning it with that of larger entities.

This highlights the value of Axcet’s PEO solutions in offering small businesses enhanced buying power and financial stability.


For small business owners, efficiency means freeing up time from tasks, like late-night payroll processing, weekend work, resolving employee issues or worrying about safety inspections and workers' comp claims.

Axcet’s PEO solutions provide a dedicated team of HR experts who take on these tasks, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Access to our advanced HR technology further reduces your workload, making your operations more efficient and streamlined.

Bill Senior Payroll Administrator Axcet HR

Specialized Support for Mid-Sized Businesses

Enhancing the growth journey for mid-sized businesses with strategic PEO solutions, focusing on complex HR management, advantageous insurance options and efficiency in larger-scale operations.


As your business grows, Axcet's support evolves to meet your changing needs. For mid-sized businesses, our services scale to address the complexities of managing a larger workforce across multiple states.

We provide advanced PEO solutions in employee lifecycle management and compliance, ensuring seamless growth. Our expertise in identifying and resolving intricate HR challenges, like fraudulent workers' compensation claims, positions Axcet as more than a PEO provider—we're a catalyst for your sustained growth and success.

Buying Power

As a mid-sized business, navigating health benefits negotiations becomes more complex. Even though your business has grown in size, the health care marketplace still doesn’t give you the bargaining power of enterprise-sized businesses.

Axcet's PEO solutions cater to these evolving needs. Our large group plan amplifies your negotiation power, equipping your business with advantages akin to those of larger corporations.

With Axcet’s PEO solutions, mid-sized businesses access not only lower premiums but also a broader range of health options, vital for ongoing growth and employee well-being.


As your business expands to a mid-sized entity, the complexity of HR challenges increases. You’ll encounter new compliance issues, onboarding questions, safety regulations and tax concerns.

Axcet’s PEO solutions for mid-sized businesses include a team of highly credentialed experts who address these evolving needs and payroll automation, ensuring your business continues to grow efficiently.

Our PEO services are designed to adapt to the increased demands of a larger workforce, maintaining operational smoothness and strategic HR management.

How a PEO Creates a Scalable HR Infrastructure

PEO solutions, like those provided by Axcet HR Solutions, provide scalable HR infrastructure that not only supports your small business at the size it is today, but also creates opportunities for even more meaningful growth.


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Axcet HR among the first to become a Certified Professional Employer Organization

We are pleased to announce that Axcet HR Solutions has been awarded Certified Professional Employer Organization status by the IRS. Axcet HR is among the first 10% of PEOs nationwide to receive this certification. ...

Kansas City’s PEO Axcet HR Solutions Celebrates 30-Year Anniversary

Axcet HR Solutions is proud to celebrate over 30 years of setting the standard in human resources services. Founded in 1988, Axcet partners with small to medium-sized companies in the Kansas City-area to enable  ...

Gerald Jerry Diddle President and Founder Axcet HR Solutions

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