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There are thousands of HR rules and regulations guiding every aspect of the workers' daily experience. You can trust Axcet for the knowledge to make sound and informed decisions.

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    PEO/HRO – What's HR Outsourcing? What's a PEO? How to select a PEO.

    What to look for when searching for a PEO
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    What to look for When Searching For a PEO

    With more than 400 PEOs in the US, how do you know the right one for your business? Get 8 tips to inform your search.

    • How to determine the best value
    • What is the cost structure like?
    • What certifications are relevant to demonstrate qualifications?
    • How to identify if they are financially reliable?
    • What to expect in the employee and employer experience.
    • And more...
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    What services should we outsource?

    Have you decided to outsource your business’ HR? You’re not alone. In fact, 80% of companies now outsource at least one HR function, and that number is quickly growing. Find out about the top six HR functions mid-sized companies outsource.

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    Transitioning to the HR Outsourcer

    One of the top functions small & mid-sized business owners outsource is their organization’s human resources. From compliance and payroll to recruiting and hiring, HR is mission critical. It requires specialized expertise and daily attention. Find out eight goals for transitioning HR services to a third-party provider.


    Certified PEOs: Your Easy-To-Understand Guide

    Protect Your Company with IRS-Certified Payroll and Tax Processing and get Peace of Mind with Our Certified PEO Guide! In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn:

    1. Understanding Certified PEOs
    2. The Path to Certification
    3. Why Certification Matters
    4. The Unparalleled Benefits

    PEOs Are Not All Created Equal. Choose Wisely.

    Picking the right PEO can be challenging. When looked at side by side, there are real differences, but how do you tell the difference? This report provides the three critical criteria upon which to evaluate them.

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    5 Types of HR Outsourcing

    According to a Gartner Inc. study, 80% of businesses currently outsource at least one HR function. But how do you know when it’s time to outsource your company’s HR? Our experts share seven questions to guide your decision in our free whitepaper.

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    Understanding the Outsourcing Agreement

    When you partner with an outsourced HR company for your business' HR needs, you are entering into a contractual agreement that, when properly designed, should set the stage for a successful, long-term relationship. Find out six must-have components of your outsourcing agreement.


    Pros and Cons of HR Outsourcing

    As your business grows, managing human resources tasks can start to feel like a heavy burden. It might be time to outsource to a firm that specializes in HR for small companies. Here are some pros and cons to help you decide if HR outsourcing could lighten your load.

    Benefits – Picking a Plan and Rolling It Out

    Avoid Making the 7 Most Common Benefits Mistakes
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    Avoid Making the Nine Most Common Employee Benefits Mistakes

    Business owners sometimes learn the benefits plans they’ve chosen aren’t really affordable or what their employees need. Our free report looks at the nine most common employee benefits mistakes your small business simply cannot afford to make.

    The Three Things Small Businesses Need to Know About Offering Employee Health Insurance
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    The Three Things Small Businesses Need to Know About Offering Employee Health Insurance

    Health insurance tops the list of most desirable employee benefits. In fact, 88% of job seekers would consider a lower-paying job if the company offered better health, vision, and dental insurance. Find out three things small businesses need to know about offering employee health insurance.

    How to Offer Employees the Right Mix of Medical Plans
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    Right Mix of Medical Plans

    With employee benefits accounting for up to one-third of an employee’s total compensation, it’s important to get it right. So how do you offer the “right” mix of quality medical plans? Download our free report to find out how.

    Employee Medical Benefits - Self Funded v Fully Insured
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    Self-Funded v. Fully Insured Benefits

    Know the risk of self-funded health insurance plans — one large claim can significantly damage and even wipe out a small company. Download our free report to find out seven important concepts, including when it makes sense to self-fund medical benefits.

    4 things you need to know before rolling out a health plan
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    Four Things You Need to Know Before Rolling Out an Employee Health Plan

    Small business owners who offer their employees quality health insurance are better able to recruit and retain top talent. That said, to fully realize the advantages that come with offering medical benefits, effective communication during the rollout period is critical. Find out four things employers need to know.

    Human Resources – Compliance, Culture, Hiring and More

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    How Mid-Sized Businesses Can Fix Their Four People Challenges

    Growing pains come in many forms for mid-sized businesses. This report identifies "people challenges" most often seen in mid-sized businesses. Learn what these challenges are and how you can take steps to address them effectively.

    Free Report: How To Conquer Inherent Small Business HR Exposures
    NEW! Free Report

    Free Report: How To Conquer Inherent Small Business HR Exposures

    • Know the 5 Inherent HR Exposures for all Small Businesses
    • Learn the Impact of These Exposures on Your Business
    • Understand Your Risk
    • Learn How to Overcome the Risks
    Employment Reference Checks - What to ask and why
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    Employment Reference Checks: What to Ask and Why

    While they aren’t always easy to obtain, reference checks are a valuable part of the hiring process because they are often your first, and sometimes only, chance to learn about a candidate from another professional and/or outside source. Download Employment Reference Checks: What to Ask and Why to find out effective reference check practices, four risks, sample questions, and more.

    Complete Guide to Covid-19 in the Workplace - Expanded-Edition
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    COVID-19 Employee Resource Guide

    Stressful times call for a helping hand — and our COVID-19 Employee Resource Guide provides just that. For help maintaining employee wellbeing during these trying times, download our free guide to gain access to a wealth of free or low-cost resources covering health and wellness, household finances, children learning at home, and much more.

    Managing Ongoing Operations - Post Covid-19 Checklist
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    Managing Ongoing Operations COVID Checklist

    Once you’ve resumed normal business activities during the COVID pandemic and returned employees to the workplace, ongoing evaluation and adaptation will be important for continued safety. Managing Ongoing Operations - COVID-19 Checklist has been designed to serve as a guide for safely continuing business operations during the pandemic.

    Complete Guide to Covid-19 in the Workplace - Expanded-Edition
    EXPANDED! White Paper

    The Complete Guide to Managing COVID-19 in the Workplace

    NEWLY EXPANDED! Global pandemics put a damper on everything, including your business. If you are confused about what you should do about COVID-19 at your business, download our Complete Guide to Managing COVID-19 in the Workplace to find out steps you can take today to help keep your employees safe.

    A Guide to Understanding Racism in the Workplace_pages
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    A Guide to Understanding Racism in the Workplace

    While many organizations have diversity and inclusion initiatives, often they just aren’t enough. Recent events have put the spotlight on businesses to understand and take meaningful action against racism. If you don’t know where to start, download our free Guide to Understanding Racism in the Workplace. Our HR experts identify challenges employers face, discuss implications for HR and define workplace best practices.

    Are you at Risk without an Employee Handbook
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    Risks of not having an Employee Handbook

    Every employer, regardless of size, should have an employee handbook. And while the thought of creating one may be intimidating, an employee handbook is invaluable to the success of your business. Here's what to include in your handbook.


    What makes a great employee experience? | video

    Axcet HR Solutions’ technology creates a slick, seamless, 21st century digital experience from hiring to onboarding and throughout the entire employee lifecycle, increasing employee engagement and productivity. Here’s how we enhance the employee experience.

    4 Employer Best Practices for a Harassment Free Workplace
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    4 Best Practices for a Harassment Free Workplace

    Failure to create a safe and respectful environment puts small and mid-sized companies at risk for damage to the organization’s reputation and sizable financial costs due to potential lawsuits. Has your workplace taken the right actions to ensure a harassment-free culture? Download our free report to find out four employer best practices for a harassment free workplace now.

    How to Write the Perfect Job Description
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    How to Write the Perfect Job Description

    If you think job descriptions are just for the hiring process think again. Job descriptions are a useful business tool across your entire organization impacting business owners, managers, HR and your employees. Find out everything you need to know to craft relevant and specific job descriptions in this step-by-step guide.

    15 Tips for Effective Terminations for Small Businesses
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    15 Tips of Effective Terminations

    Let’s face it, firing an employee can be hard. It’s something most of us don’t like doing. That said, terminations are a natural part of running a small business. When all eyes are on you, will you know how to be effective? Check out these 15 tips.

    How Long Should I save Employee Paperwork
    White Paper

    How long should I keep employee paperwork?

    How long should I save employee paperwork? Get the answers in this free e-book.

    Need to Know Guide for Kansas City Salary History Ban
    White Paper

    Salary History Ban

    If you’re still asking applicants how much they earned at their previous position, beware. Effective October 31, 2019, KansasCity employers are banned from inquiring about applicants’ salary history. To learn more, download our free white paper.

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    Onboarding for Success | Slide Share

    First impressions are everything! The onboarding experience can either set your new hire up for success or an early departure from your company. Find out seven often overlooked steps for a positive onboarding experience in this slideshare.

    16 Interview Tips for Small Businesses
    White Paper

    16 Tips for Interviewers

    Hiring mistakes can be expensive. Before your next candidate interview, make sure you know these 16 tips for interviewers.

    Three Ways Small businesses Can Hire Top Talent
    White Paper

    3 Ways to attract talent to a small business

    Think you can’t attract A-list talent to your organization because of its small size? Think again! Our whitepaper details three ways to leverage your small business’ size when recruiting and retaining top talent. Download the free whitepaper today.

    A Guide to Paying Overtime in 2020 - Understanding the New Overtime Rule
    White Paper

    Understanding the New Overtime Rule: A Guide to Paying Overtime in 2020

    The DOL new overtime rule took effect January 1 and an additional 1.3 million US workers became newly eligible for overtime pay. Download our free white paper to find out everything employers need to know about the new overtime rule.


    Get The Secrets To A Perfect Employee Handbook!

    Crafting or revising an employee handbook is a complex task. Our white paper simplifies this process by answering key questions and providing essential insights. Discover the Key to Effective HR Management with Our Free White Paper on the Employee Handbook.


    How Mid-Sized Businesses Can Minimize Growing Pains

    Mid-sized businesses have mastered the startup phase. But their initial success is fueling growing pains - especially on the human resources front. Learn more about the Four Key Human Resources Issues facing mid-sized businesses today.

    8 Steps to Keep Political Tension from Taking Over Your Workplace_cover
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    8 Steps to Keep Political Tension from Taking Over the Workplace

    According to an October 2020 survey by the Society for Human Resources Management, 44% of HR pros reported intensified political volatility at work this year (even after the presidential election), up 18% from the prior 2016 presidential election. Download our free white paper to find out eight steps employers can take to keep political tension from taking over the workplace.

    Bringing Employees Back - Post Covid-19 Checklist for Employers
    White Paper

    Bringing Back Employees Checklist

    The employee experience while in the physical workplace is much different now than it was pre-pandemic. In an effort to keep employees safe, employers need to evaluate many things including social distancing, traffic patterns, personal protective equipment, cleaning and more. Download our Bringing Back Employees Checklist to find out nine areas in the workplace to evaluate amid COVID-19 concerns.

    Planning for Return - Post Covid-19 Checklist
    White Paper

    Planning for Return Checklist COVID

    Today’s business owner has never been in a situation quite like this before — resuming business activities and returning employees to the physical workplace amid a global health crisis. Download our Planning for Return Checklist to find out nine steps to take as you begin preparing, such as developing a business continuity plan and rolling back in phases.

    The Essential Guide to Managing COVID-19 Anxiety
    White Paper

    The Essential Guide to Managing COVID-19 Anxiety

    Free, premium guide for employers, jam-packed with six articles! Our Essential Guide to Managing COVID-19 Anxiety in the Workplace helps business owners and managers support employees through uncertain times and includes expert-written articles on topics including employee return to work, mental health, grief and layoffs.

    A Checklist for Identifying Racism in the Workplace
    White Paper

    A Checklist to Identify Racism in the Workplace

    Research shows 61% of Americans agree change is needed to achieve racial equality. In the workplace, often change can only occur once employers are able to recognize, acknowledge and understand racism. Our Checklist to Identify Racism in the Workplace provides a starting point for employers committed to achieving equality. Our HR experts explore real EEOC cases and align them with corresponding employment practices to help employers recognize potential racism in their organization.

    Top 6 HR Compliance Issues
    White Paper

    Top Six HR Compliance Issues

    Bloomberg Law reports employment lawsuits have increased 400% in the last 20 years. Don’t put your business at risk. Download our free report to find out the top six HR compliance issues.

    17 Labor Laws Every Small Business Owner Should Know
    White Paper

    17 Labor Laws Every Small Business Owner Should Know

    Large companies often have their own HR department and legal team to ensure compliance, but small businesses typically don’t have that luxury. That said, ignorance of the law is no defense. Here are 17 labor laws small business owners need to know.

    6 Keys to Effective Employee Discipline
    White Paper

    6 Keys to Effective Employee Discipline

    Typically, managers want to avoid employee discipline as much as the individual receiving it. But when done right, the process can be beneficial to both the employee and the organization, as most workers want to succeed.

    6 Best Practices for Managing Unhappy Employees-cover
    White Paper

    Six Best Practices for Managing Unhappy Employees

    Even the most experienced managers can find it challenging to manage unhappy, disgruntled employees. But knowing how to handle them can turn a difficult employee into an all-star. Here are six secrets from our HR pros.

    10 Steps for a Successful Employee Offboarding Experience - cover
    White Paper

    10 Steps for a Successful Employee Offboarding

    Most business owners know how critical a great onboarding experience is, but what about offboarding? Even though it’s considered to be equally important, 63% do not have a strategy in place. Find out 10 steps for successful offboarding.

    Top 5 HR Challenges for Construction Industry
    White Paper

    Top 5 HR Challenges for the Construction Industry

    In building and maintaining a strong workforce, businesses in the construction industry face several unique challenges, including a lack of qualified candidates, high employee turnover, perpetual safety concerns. and compliance with employment and immigration laws. Here's the best way to handle these challenges.

    Eight Things Employers Need to Know in the Era of Legal Marijuana
    White Paper

    Eight Things Employers Need to Know in the Era of Legal Marijuana

    Medical marijuana dispensary licenses are currently being issued in Missouri and it’s expected Missouri patients will be able to walk into licensed dispensaries as soon as this spring. Download our free report to find out eight things employers need to know.

    White Paper

    Ban the Box by State and Municipality

    Fair chance hiring law Ban the Box took effect in Kansas City earlier this month impacting both private & public employers. Business owners are no longer allowed to ask about an applicant’s criminal history on the initial application.

    Employee Onboarding For Success
    White Paper

    Onboarding for Success

    Anything worth doing is worth doing well and new employee onboarding is no exception. If your onboarding experience is less than great, or you don’t have one, download our free report to find out seven steps for successful onboarding.

    The Secret to Using Benefits to Inspire Employee Loyalty and Productivity
    White Paper

    The Secret to Using Benefits to Inspire Employee Loyalty and Productivity

    The right employee benefits packages can reduce turnover in your organization. Our new report reveals the secret to using benefits to inspire employee loyalty and productivity. Download the free report now.

    3 Processes Your Mid-Sized Business Can Use to Attract High Quality Talent Every Time
    White Paper

    3 HR Process Your Mid-Sized Business Can Use to Attract High Quality Employees Every Time You Hire

    While the owner of a mid-sized business may have personally interviewed, selected and trained the organization's initial group of employees, growth makes this type of system virtually impossible to continue. A recruiting, hiring and onboarding process that meets the demands of a growing business is a must. Find out the five components of a structured employee lifecycle process.

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    Time Off to Vote: Four Employer Guidelines for Election Day | Slide Share

    As an employer, how will you handle employee time off to vote requests? Learn about four employer guidelines.

    Payroll – Best Practices

    White Paper

    Dos and Don'ts of Paying Overtime

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average U.S. worker logged 3.5 hours per week in overtime in late 2018, making it all the more important to know what you can and can’t do with regard to paying employee overtime. Here are six do's and don’ts to keep the smart employer out of hot water.

    White Paper

    Top 5 Tax Mistakes Small Businesses Make

    Not keeping adequate records to support tax deductions takes the number one spot on our list of Top Five Tax Mistakes Small Businesses Make. Don’t fall victim to common small business tax mistakes; download our free report today.

    White Paper

    When There's an Additional Pay Period; It's Not Just a Leap Year Issue

    The year 2020 is a leap year with one additional day that may result in an extra pay period. While the headache an extra pay period can create isn’t exclusive to leap years many employers will encounter one this year. Here’s what to do.

    Safety & Workers' Compensation – OSHA, Best Practices and more

    White Paper

    5 Ways to Improve Productivity Thru Safety

    Safety should be at the heart of every business, from manufacturing and construction to the typical office environment. But some organizations find themselves continually falling short. Find out five ways safety makes a bottom line difference.

    White Paper

    Complete Guide to an OSHA Inspection

    Business owners and managers who know how to prepare for an OSHA inspection can take steps today to protect their business. In this free white paper, our safety experts discuss the top ten things you need to know to prepare for and effectively manage an OSHA inspection.

    White Paper

    Preparing for an OSHA Inspection

    Federal OSHA investigators conducted 33,401 inspections in 2019. If an OSHA officer showed up unexpectedly at your workplace, would you stride confidently toward the officer or try to escape? Here’s what to expect when OSHA is inspecting.

    White Paper

    10 Best Practices for Workers' Compensation Claim Management

    Managing risk in the workplace starts well before an injury occurs. Even though the number of serious workplace injuries & illness fell from 2017-18, their cost increased. Find out 10 best practices for workers’ compensation claims management

    White Paper

    Legal Marijuana: How Employers Can Keep Workplace Productivity from Going up in Smoke

    Marijuana continues to gain traction as a legal substance in America, but that doesn’t mean your workplace productivity needs to go up in smoke. Download our free report to find out the dos and don’ts of marijuana in the workplace

    White Paper

    OSHA Violations and Their Fines

    For businesses that receive OSHA citations following an inspection, penalties may vary depending on the types of violations. Learn more about the types of citations and maximum penalties for each.

    White Paper

    Preliminary Inspection Rules

    The last thing you want is to be unprepared when an OSHA inspector arrives at your businesses. In this free white paper, you'll learn how to be prepared for an unexpected visit and what everyone's rights are, including yours, your employees' and the OSHA inspector's.

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