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Payroll Tax Administration

Payroll taxes can be overwhelming for small and mid-sized companies. Axcet HR is the experienced team you need to handle your payroll tax administration.

...Besides the typical financial tasks associated with administering payroll, Axcet takes a hands-on approach to addressing any challenges employees face.

PEO client onboarding meeting with Axcet HR Solutions in Kansas City

Let us handle these Payroll Tax Administration Services for you...

  • File 940 and 941 forms
  • File state withholding tax returns
  • File state unemployment tax returns
  • Deposit federal and state withholding tax liabilities
  • Deposit federal and state unemployment taxes
  • Deposit other state and local tax obligations
  • Transmit W-3 to Social Security Administration

Payroll Tax Administration

Payroll tax laws change frequently and sometimes even adjust retroactively. As if they weren’t complex enough already, these fluctuations make the laws even more difficult to follow and understand. Payroll tax administration therefore can be overwhelming for small and mid-sized companies, which often have only one person on staff responsible for this critical aspect of the business.

When working with Axcet HR Solutions, a payroll tax service provider, small businesses don’t have to navigate payroll tax administration alone. Our team of payroll professionals draws from a deep reservoir of experience to expertly manage this task for clients, who can then confidently check it off their long to-do lists.

Axcet’s payroll tax administration services for small business include monitoring legislation and notifying clients when changes affect them. Then, we let you know what action your small business needs to take and, in the case of a credit, determine how you can access it. For example, Axcet informed eligible clients of credits the federal government made available during the pandemic and helped them claim those credits.


Tax form filing

Tax form balancing and filing can be a labyrinth of calculations, reconciliation, due dates and transmission methods. When you partner with Axcet, however, those issues are no longer your worry. We handle federal, state and local payroll taxes for you. As a certified professional employer organization (CPEO), we are responsible for filing your:

  • Form 940 – the federal report of annual state unemployment tax;
  • Form 941 – a quarterly report of taxable wages and tax withheld for federal tax, as well as employer and employee portions of Social Security and Medicare;
  • All associated schedules for forms 940 and 941;
  • State withholding tax returns;
  • State unemployment tax returns; and
  • Local tax returns.

We also prepare and distribute W-2s to your employees and transmit form W-3 to the Social Security Administration. No matter where you do business, we review all applicable state and local payroll tax laws for each of your worksites, open accounts so we can file your payroll taxes in each location and secure and submit the necessary forms. All that is required of you is your signature.

Going it alone, smaller companies risk missing deadlines and calculating or filing payroll taxes incorrectly, which can result in Internal Revenue Service fines. With Axcet and our sophisticated systems to track deadlines, your payments are always correct and on time.

Testament to our ability to flawlessly execute payroll tax filings is our longevity as a CPEO. Axcet was among the first 10% of professional employer organizations in the nation, and the only Kansas City PEO, to receive the CPEO designation, which was established under the IRS in 2014. Clients rely on us for payroll tax administration, one of the core HR services companies expect from a CPEO.


Timely deposit of tax liability

In 2019, the IRS assessed companies more than $4 million in penalties for the late payment of federal employment taxes alone. Employers are required by law to deposit both withheld and employer taxes according to their deposit frequencies, which can vary between federal, state and local jurisdictions.

Axcet’s designation as a bonded, IRS-approved CPEO means we have a fiduciary responsibility for payroll tax administration of behalf of clients. Specifically, we are required to make these deposits on time, every time. Small and mid-sized companies that work with us also are insulated from any potential penalties because, as a CPEO, Axcet is solely liable for the federal employment taxes on wages paid to clients’ employees.

Small business owners are busy and stressed enough without grappling with the complexities of payroll taxes. That’s why many Kansas City companies turn to Axcet for payroll tax administration. A CPEO you can trust, Axcet alleviates the worries associated with payroll taxes, freeing you up to focus on day-to-day operations and growth initiatives.

PEO Services Help Small Companies Thrive

PEOs like Axcet HR Solutions exist for one reason: to manage essential HR tasks on behalf of small and mid-sized businesses. A PEO’s services save small business owners money and worry by delivering expert human resources, compliance with employment regulations and time to refocus on business growth.
Sherri Senior Human Resources Consultant at Axcet HR, Kansas City

Job Ads, Resumés, Onboarding, Oh My!

As a full service professional employer organization (PEO), we provide comprehensive HR support and administration to help your business succeed.

The cost of a bad hire can be significant, often reaching as much as 30% of their salary. By relying on our HR experts, you can save your business thousands of dollars and avoid the costly mistakes that can come with an uninformed hiring process.

Axcet HR Solutions
Axcet HR Solutions
18 Google reviews
Lance Edward
Lance Edward
December 6, 2022.
The team at Axcet is amazing!! They are always ready and willing to help out anytime we need them. I would highly recommend them to any business.
November 28, 2022.
I have found that I have a problem with the computer program in part because I have macular degeneration in both eyes and double vision in my right eye. It is frustrating that I am asked to rate this program before I even get logged in.
Haely Goodpasture
Haely Goodpasture
November 17, 2022.
Axcet is a great company. The best actually.
Koty Potts
Koty Potts
November 17, 2022.
Axcet is amazing! I've been working with them for a few months now and they have been an amazing resource to look to whenever I have questions. I highly HIGHLY recommend them for your needs!
Lisa Cordill
Lisa Cordill
December 22, 2021.
When we left Axcet, our CEO was hoping to find an HR Consultant that more aligned with his goals for our organization. But also we left because we had a connection at another company and wanted to give them business. We had tried two other PEOs. Both of which we left after the first year. The level of service that we were accustomed to with Axcet was not present at the other PEOs. It would take much longer to get the most simple questions answered or to get a report that we needed. One of the PEO’s portal was the exact same as Axcet’s but they had everything locked down where we would have to ask them for certain things. Again, then it would take forever when before I was used to doing it myself. We came back to Axcet truly because of the excellent service we always received. Everyone at Axcet would make us feel like we were their only client, like they were sitting there waiting for our call, always friendly and ready to help.

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