While PEOs (professional employer organizations) have been around for more than three decades, there still remains questions about who they are, what they do – and don’t do, and what that relationship looks like with the client company. Axcet HR Team Members answer frequently asked questions many business owners have when considering enlisting a PEO to support their Human Resources needs.

What can a client expect from a PEO?

Small to mid-sized businesses turn to PEOs (professional employer organizations) to meet many needs. Top among them are HR (human resources), payroll administration, tax filing, HR compliance issues, employee safety and more. Janine Crockett with Axcet HR Solutions explains.

Duration: 1:28

As a PEO client, what is considered a small to mid-sized business?

Typically small to mid-sized businesses find the most value and benefit from PEOs (Professional employer organizations). Steve Owens, Axcet HR Solutions, helps define exactly what is and is not a small and mid-sized business.

Duration: 1:06

Does a PEO actually put a person on site for each client?

Sometimes PEOs (professional employer organizations) are thought to be like employee leasing organizations, that supply labor for a business. Richard Russell with Axcet HR solutions, parses the differences between PEOs and employee lessors.

Duration: 0:48

With a PEO, who is in control of the employees?

One of the biggest points of confusion with a PEO (professional employer organization) is that of control over the employees. Elaine Dunn, Axcet HR Solutions, walks us through who controls what as it relates to the employees.

Duration: 1:32

Where does the control and responsibility end for the PEO and start for the business owner?

The business owner retains 100% control of his or her business and the PEO assumes HR administrative responsibilities and liability. Axcet HR Solutions’ Derrick Love goes into detail to explain how this relationship works.

Duration: 1:13

Why use a PEO?

Learn the four top reasons small to mid-sized businesses turn to a PEO for help with human resources, payroll, and more.

Duration: 1:39

What is co-employment?

“Co-employment” is at the heart of the client-PEO relationship. Learn what that is and what it is not.

Duration: 0:57