HR Help for Small Businesses

HR Help for

Small Businesses

Got the Small Business HR Blues?

Small business owners often wear many hats – including HR (human resources), payroll administration, benefits management, and more. Which leads to working late nights and having lots of headaches. Unfortunately, keeping up with HR duties often prevents them from doing what matters most.

  • Focusing on Sales
  • Delivering for Customers
  • Keeping ahead of the competition
  • Doing everything they wanted to do when they started the business


Axcet HR Solutions works with small business throughout the Kansas City Metro Area to offload the HR burden, and get back to pursuing their passion.

Get “The Small Business and Its Inherent Human Resources Shortfalls”

Axcet HR Solutions Helps Small Businesses Grow

Employee Benefits

Your benefits expert navigates the benefits minefield for you.

Human Resources

Your dedicated HR Consultant has your back on legal and operational issues.

Risk Management

Axcet supports you and your employees with safety top-of-mind.

Payroll Administration

With expert knowledge, and personal service we take the worry and work out of payroll and payroll taxes.

More HR Help for Small Businesses

Pursue your passion; not your HR paperwork.

Contact our sales team today. The off ramp to paperwork freedom starts here.