About PEOs

About PEOs

A professional employer organization (PEO) provides comprehensive human resources (HR) solutions for small and mid-size businesses. Payroll and tax administration, medical and retirement benefits, HR, workers’ compensation and safety support, and regulatory compliance assistance. ​By taking care of paperwork and providing regulatory compliance assistance, PEOs help businesses improve productivity, increase profitability, and focus on their core mission. ​Through a PEO, the employees of small businesses gain access to big-business employee benefits such as: 401(k) plans; health, dental, life, and other insurance; dependent care; and other benefits they might not typically receive as employees of a small company.

Advantages of a PEO For Businesses Owners and Executives, the PEO:

  • Provides experienced professionals in HR, benefits, payroll, risk management and other aspects of employee administration and development
  • Assumes specific employment-related liabilities
  • Delivers professional assistance with employment related regulatory compliance (ADA, payroll, OSHA, EEOC, FMLA, FSLA, etc.)
  • Provides secure Internet access to payroll, benefits and personnel data
  • Provides access to professional HR guidance and materials
  • Manages employment and risk management related claims
  • Supplies or enables employee handbooks, policies, procedures and practices
  • Improves cost control
  • Delivers access to better benefits
  • Helps reduce employee turnover
  • Provides quality benefits to attract and retain the best employees
  • Gives you the opportunity to grow your business faster


For Employees, the PEO:

  • Provides access to comprehensive benefits often previously unavailable (401(k), comprehensive insurance benefits, Flexible Spending Plan, commuter benefits, and other voluntary plans)
  • Delivers on-time and accurate payroll
  • Provides professional assistance with employment-related issues
  • Supplies easy-to-read employee handbooks, policies, procedures and practices
  • Offers up-to-date information on regulatory compliance
  • Processes claims efficiently and responsively
  • Provides improved access to payroll information, benefits, personnel data, vacation and sick time accrual, and specialized reports


Leading the way with Certified Professional Employer Organization Status

  • AXCET is distinguished by Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO) status as awarded by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Our company is honored to be among the first 84 professional employer organizations to receive this designation.
  • The voluntary, yet rigorous, certification process identifies the PEOs that meet the high standards for compliance set by the IRS.


Upholding the Highest Safety Standards through OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs

  • SHA has recognized AXCET’s excellence in the industry and given our employee safety efforts their Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) seal of approval. Only companies that demonstrate the very best in occupational safety and health receive this official distinction.