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Jerry Diddle founded Midwest Staff Solutions (now Axcet HR Solutions) in 1988 in an era where PEOs (Professional Employer Organizations) were new and unfamiliar to most of the business community.  But Diddle knew from his own experiences that there was a need to relieve small business owners of the burden of day-to-day human resources functions and liabilities.  He had a vision to give them back the role they love – following their passion of building their businesses. More than 25 years later, Diddle is still at the helm and leads a team of highly-tenured payroll, human resources and risk management professionals (average 7-8 years).  Axcet has exceptional longevity among its team members because of the positive work environment and inclusive culture it promotes.

When asked about working at Axcet, Jo McClure, Director of Payroll Administration, commented, “I love the collaborative work we do internally and with our clients. We definitely take teamwork to a whole new level, and when our leader addresses us as a group, I feel like we are ready to hit the field after half time.” Axcet believes in providing top-notch professional service because our clients depend on us for mission-critical services.  To that end, we have a deep bench of HR and payroll highly-credentialed professionals.  

“We appreciate your organization, preparation and time management – very professional.  It was very clear that you are experts in your respective business areas.” Darryl Nottingham, Director Business Operations, Spear Power Systems.

Unique among PEOs, we have earned a VPP (Voluntary Protection Program) Star Worksite designation by OSHA.   As a result, clients, and more importantly, OSHA inspectors know we understand safety.  Clients enjoy dedicated human resource and payroll advisors, with whom they work one-on-one for the full term of the relationship.  Axcet doesn’t believe in call centers or passing around calls from one representative to another.  Business owners are far too busy to get different service reps up to speed on the dynamics of their needs. Diddle has gone against the industry norm and kept the company privately held.  “I want to feel free to do what’s best for my clients even if it wouldn’t be in the best (short term) interests of would-be shareholders,” shared Diddle.  For example, Diddle holds that it is just good business to execute same day funds transfers (ACH transfer) to meet client payrolls, and not require a typical two-to-three-day lead time.  

Axcet knows that small businesses live or die on their cash flow, and this is just one more way Axcet can help. There’s an old adage, “know what you do well, and do that.”  And that’s exactly what Diddle and Axcet HR Solutions have been doing for nearly three decades.  They have focused exclusively on serving the Kansas City area, and will continue to do so.  They like the personal connection of doing business with our neighbors, the opportunity to call on them in person, and the chance to build that personal relationship that has served us and their clients so well for many years.

Leading the way with Certified Professional Employer Organization Status

  • AXCET is distinguished by Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO) status as awarded by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Our company is honored to be among the first 84 professional employer organizations to receive this designation.
  • The voluntary, yet rigorous, certification process identifies the PEOs that meet the high standards for compliance set by the IRS.


Upholding the Highest Safety Standards through OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs

OSHA has recognized AXCET’s excellence in the industry and given our employee safety efforts their Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) seal of approval. Only companies that demonstrate the very best in occupational safety and health receive this official distinction.

As a centralized resource for intelligence on the dozens of federal and state-specific regulations that affect small and mid-sized businesses, NAPEO adds bench strength to the experienced and credentialed Axcet professionals who ensure their clients comply with every regulatory requirement.

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Axcet HR - Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Do the right thing even when no one will know.

Engage others as the most important person you will talk to today.

Continuously raise the bar to always meet or exceed mutual expectations.